Bloged in luna see, music, seasons by rod Thursday May 31, 2007

it is 1:34am on the last day of May. The moon is nearly full for the second time this month. Someone gave the downbeat. There is a chorus of bird songs completely surrounding the house. This is no lone, confused, ambien-deprived, avian insomniac. No no. This is the Sequence from Verdi’s Requiem.
It’s been going on for 30 minutes, and the Lachrymosa hasn’t played yet.

Sing on, little birdies. Sing on into the dawn. Sing May out with a vernal melody.
Sing for the Cardinal, who’s cuddling his mate. Sing for the Chicadee dee dee, who dozes, and for his partner, the Titmouse, whose flutters refrain. Laugh for the Ladderback, resting his head.
Sing me to sleep on this last night of May.
Under the blue moon, sing.

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