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Bloged in seasons by rod Wednesday March 14, 2007

This afternoon, there was a flurry of avian activity in the backyard. I’d finally seen Allison’s Brown Headed Nuthatch earlier in the day. It had been chased away from the suet by a quite grown up Downy Woodpecker.
When Allison came home, she mentioned a woodpecker at the feeder, and I said he’d scared her Nuthatch away. Allison said they must have become friends because he was sitting on a limb waiting his turn. I came to look, and saw that the entire backyard was alive. There was the Nuthatch, the Woodpecker, a Tufted Titmouse, two Chickadees (they always come in pairs), a rogue Mocking bird, one of my Carolina Wrens all grown up, 2 Cardinals (husband and wife), 2 Bluejays (probably brothers), a bunch of Robins drilling for worms, and 3 Northern Flickers pecking for ants.

Tonight, the frogs are singing very loudly.

Just sayin’…

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