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sub rosa

Bloged in friends by rod Friday December 9, 2005

It’s 1:00 am and my buds are at La Zona Rosa in Austin. I know because I’m being included via cell phone. I don’t know if they’re really allowed to do that, it seems that whatever happens under the rose, is supposed to stay under the rose, but I won’t tell.
A phone call, no words, just the chanting from an invisible stage, “there is no room inside a box, there is no room inside…” says, “thinking of you Rod, know where you’ve been, being there with you.”
When you’re having fun, hangin with friends, hearing great music, do you know how much a phone call means to a friend a thousand miles away unwinding at the kitchen table?
I think you do.
Gracias Amigos

3 Responses to “sub rosa”

  1. Lissa Says:

    the other day i had a dream in which i skipped theory class today. i was going to tell you about my dream in class, but now i am indeed skipping class, although i wish i could be there! i have to go turn something into my lab director over at djj. anyway…i hope it goes really well!

  2. gdwill Says:

    the funny this is, i didn’t even know chris had called you! i thought he was honing in on ian, whilst I was waiting to call you with the old stuf. anyway, it was nice to see you hanging in there for nearly 9 minutes. could you tell over the static cell how clear and stellar the sound was?

  3. Genevieve Says:

    Was that the emerging cult in Austin that you speak of? It would be nice to see them again…

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