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bloating the blogosphere

Bloged in culture, family, friends by rod Tuesday November 8, 2005

This evening, before I came home from work, I got a call from a far-away-friend, who due to the time difference was on her lunch break, while it was supper time here. She was talking about friends’ blogs and mentioned that she’d given me props on her own xanga. She said she’d never heard of a blog when she first started reading mine, and that when she mentioned it to friends, they had no idea what a blog was either. Interesting, I thought, because I’ve only been blogging for 2 years. How could I get into something on the very front end, ahead of my students, that has in only 2 years become a phenomenon, a household word, and has made it into the dictionary? (no, of course it’s not yet in the Microsoft Office “tools” dictionary, don’t expect a miracle.)
I’m really not that technologically cutting edge, except that in my sphere, I seem to be way out ahead. I remembered that 5 years ago, I was distributing assignments to my classes on-line using PDF files and that I had to stop, because the students were complaining that they couldn’t access the files because they had no internet access, or their computers wouldn’t run Acrobat Reader. Sheesh. I could get no support from other faculty and administration because none of them had a clue what I was talking about. Now they are practically begging the faculty to have course materials available online.
As my students now begin to realize how duped the dude who delivered their dell was, they are oohing over Apple products, but I have to point out that I have used nothing but Macs since 1988, hmmm, come to think of it, that’s all I’ve ever used. But we were talking about blogs weren’t we. Weren’t we?
So after our conversation, I thought I’d see how cutting edge I actually was back in the fall of ’03. So I googled a bit and found a technorati report that showed just over 500,000 blogs in Oct. ’03. Wow! I did feel a little special then, especially since I know so many who have been blogging for much longer than I have. So I looked at the report again, and saw that in March, ’05, technorati was tracking 7.9 million blogs, and that showed that the blogosphere was doubling every 5 months. If you go to technorati now, you’ll see that they are tracking 21 million blogs, which means it’s tripled since spring.
A new blog created every 2.2 seconds, and 500,000 new posts every day.
Who are all these new bloggers? I thought you’d ask. Of course I don’t know, but I do know of a few. Three of them live with me, and I have no doubt that another under my roof will join forthwith. One you’ve met, another, some of you have found, but the latest sneakily built a blog and started posting completely on his own, so none of us knew of him, except maybe technorati.

9 Responses to “bloating the blogosphere”

  1. bing2 Says:

    so i broke down and got a blogspot of my own…well, just so commenting would be easier, really. it seems like your site had a domino effect and now blogging is a full-fledged family affair! and, it only took 2 years or so for everyone else on the planet to be “blogosphere savvy.” sheesh (as you would say).

    you must feel so proud :-)

    again, thank you thank you thank you for the prayers.

    and the props ^_^

  2. Zachary M. Speights Says:

    How are your kids such excelent writers at such young ages? This ammuses me. I believe I’ve become some what of an accomplished writer(despite my horrid spelling), but it hasn’t been until I started writing papers for college and bloging. You’re children are homeschooled as well, correct? I could never feel so proud of my personall homeschooling experience. Live and learn I guess.

  3. SP Says:

    Thanks for telling us about Jack. Must close now and read what your latest competition is going to blog about! :) You do know you have some SERIOUS competition don’t you? How proud you must be of your family!

  4. rlew Says:

    naw, Z, if my kids were home-schooled I’m afraid the results would be quite different. Well, I guess if Allison did it it might work.
    They express well because they read ALOT. Constantly. Read, read, read, read, read. Boy, can they spin a yarn.
    Props to Lex/Rich 5 of SC public schools. :-)

  5. SP Says:

    Couldn’t respond to Jack’s blog. But he’s good. Please let him know I did try. Thanks

  6. James Brush Says:

    It seems that I am late, late, late when it comes to the cutting edge of technology. I tried to blog last semester but I quickly ran out of time when I was hit with the H-Bomb (hermaneutics). Journaling is the only thing that I can keep going - maybe it will be cutting-edge in a couple years :)

  7. MawMaw/Momma Says:

    Dear JackMan, I miss your being in WV. It feels good to be able to read your blog each day. It gives me a perspective on what’s happening with you. PawPaw and I are very proud of you. You do a great job. Keep on keeping on. Love you (can’t tell you how much).

    (Couldn’t respond on Jack’s site.)

  8. MawMaw/Momma Says:

    As a mother (and an up-to-date citizen, haha) I’m constantly telling someone about my family’s blogs. Here at the Board of Ed. in Huntington, WV, and in the town of Milton not one person knew what I was talking about. We are bogged as far as blogs. I’m trying to pass the word that blogs bend brains :} Keep up the good work my Son.

  9. .tif Says:

    ::grins:: isn’t technology fun? gosh, reading your blog about all of this technological ignorance reminds me of graphic design school 4 years ago … when i was in a room of 21 design students who couldn’t find the on button of their mac! it was a shocking experience. then again, living in japan, where all of this technological nonsense is made, was more of a shock than that - hardly any of northern japan was on the broadband bandwagon! it was amazing! it’s japan!

    anyway, blog isn’t a household word yet? hmm …

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