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Bloged in community, friends by rod Saturday October 29, 2005

This morning, I looked at a map and figured we couldn’t be more than ten minutes from the Margraves, (gypsy traveler, and Bruce, the Bruce), so we called Chris to see if he knew what they were up to. Chris called them to make sure they were home and then kept them on the phone so they’d not run off while we make our way to their house. Bruce answered the door because famil was talking to Chris on the phone. They seemed aptly impressed that Chris could talk about nonsense for long enough for us to get there, but that’s really not that impressive if you’ve ever read Chris’s blog. They took us out for Indian, and we spent the next 2.5 hours relaxed in conversation.
Allison and I found a mall, bought some new skinny clothes for her, and headed to the American Airlines Center.

One Response to “connecting”

  1. famil Says:

    ok, so i’m talking on the phone to chris and the doorbell rings. i tell him it’s probably jehovah’s witnesses. “they always come on saturday and i never answer the door. they keep coming back.” then i hear voices and i tell chris “yikes, dad is letting them in! dang! and i’m in my gown!” i ran to the computer room and hid. then bruce came and brought me HIS big terry robe and said, “it’s rod and alison lewis”. i peeked my head around the corner and lo and behold! so i sat on the couch fully robed til we decided where to go eat, ran and got dressed and had a wonderful couple of hours with the lewis’s! a serendipitous saturday for sure!

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