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connecting some more

Bloged in community, friends by rod Sunday October 30, 2005

We had all day to anything or nothing, whichever won the battle of “whatya wanna do?” “I dunno, whatchoo wanna do?”.
I woke quite a while before Allison and decided to let her sleep, so I alternated between roaming about the room and climbing back in bed. When she finally woke up, we couldn’t figure out which of the clocks were right, but eventually were delighted to realize that the earlier time was correct.
We decided to take a trek down to Austin for a short visit to the Abbey and hello to soul friends, and the possibility for the Elvis Fried Chicken. We were greeted with extremely sad and disturbing and frankly, anger inducing news that Kyle Lake, the pastor at UBC, Waco had been electrocuted a few hours earlier while performing a baptism.
After the Elvis chicken, we participated in some of the Sunday evening Abbey activity, in a rather emotionally disrupted atmosphere, and said our goodbyes, for the drive back to Dallas.
On the way home, we entirely unintentionally stopped at the same two exits we’d visited on the way down – something we always seem to do, no matter where we’re going or from whence we’ve come.

5 Responses to “connecting some more”

  1. famil Says:

    you are so fortunate to be a part of the community of The Abbey and share in their grief, anger and questions. i long for that. i am full with emptiness right now over this tragedy and hurting for chris and all the others who knew and loved kyle. prayers.

  2. gdwill Says:

    please forgive me if my grief and confusion appeared to negate my joy in seeing you and Allison. We were honored that you two would make such a drive only to stay for so brief a period. Longer next time, I pray.

  3. rlew Says:

    no, no, please forgive me if our arrival caused you to feel that you had not to deal with grief and confusion. what kind of friend would I be? I hope my post didn’t seem to imply that g.
    We love you guys. I’d have driven that far to wave to you from the car.

  4. AL Says:

    Me too. So good to be with you…even with the bad news. Ya’ll are precious to us.

  5. ps. I Love You Says:

    I can’t believe you were so close and I didn’t have a clue. Only 45 min. away at most and I’d have driven it to met you & Allison in person (and eat some Elvis stuff).

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