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31 dollars

Bloged in random by rod Monday December 27, 2004

Yesterday, Allison and I gave each other same symbolic, meaningful gift which came to 31 dollars each.
Today I had to completely replace the brakes on her truck. The inside brake pads had disentegrated and totally scored the rotor discs, so they too, had to be replaced. On a 4×4 Explorer, one cannot just pull the rotor off without removing lots of fun 4 wheel drive stuff, and the fun four-wheel-drive stuff cannot be removed without a special, monster-sized socket that no one sells. So I spent the largest part of the day looking for said socket.
Right now, I am waiting for the bearings to dry so that I can repack them, so I thought I’d let you know the price list for my brake job today:

brake pads: 31 dollars
(driver side) rotor: 31 dollars
(passenger side) rotor: 31 dollars
special monster size hex lock nut socket: 31 dollars

I was going to charge myself $250 dollars for this job, but seeing the precedent that has been set, I am going to be rudely underpaid.
Maybe this is a good time to check out air fares.

2 Responses to “31 dollars”

  1. dphil Says:

    I think it would be good day for Baskin Robbins. Maybe a couple of scoops of Rocky Road.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So did you change your email address, or are you just ignoring people again. LOL

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