bassoons, cigarettes, firewood, and relationships

Bloged in apprenticeship by rod Thursday October 30, 2003

We really don’t have all that much in common. True, I like some of the things you like, but for different reasons. We both like ice cream sundaes, but I suffer the nuts to enjoy the fudge while you pick the nuts to savor first. We both like taking long Sunday drives, but I enjoy the feeling of freedom and the scenery while you just enjoy being with me.
Yes we even dislike many of the same things, but for different reasons. Neither of us appreciate arrogance, greed, or selfishness. I’m offended by these because of the people who are stepped on by the arrogant, greedy and selfish. You, on the other hand also feel sorry and hurt for the arrogant, greedy and selfish.
We so often respond to the same things - I’m offended, you grieve; I’m angry, you hurt.
I really want to grow into a relationship in which we have common reasons for our things in common. I want to like the things you like for the same reasons you like them. I want to hate the things you hate for the same reasons you hate them. I want to share your emotions, not just be emotional at the same situations. I don’t know why you put up with me; maybe it’s the ubiquitous, “I can change him”. Well, if anyone can change me, you can. I’m just constantly trying to make you more like me, while you’re constantly trying to make me more like you. In my heart of hearts, I want to be more like you.

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  1. AL Says:

    Over time, I believe we have become more and more like one another. I enjoy the scenery much more than I did 17 years ago ;o) But the pleasure I feel at just being with you is immensely more than 17 years ago as well. And I’m sure that our emotional responses to things are different because we are different. Yet, being with you and listening to your heart, I have learned to be more indignant of injustice and less selfish myself.
    Funny, I wasn’t sure whether you were talking about us or your relationship with God there at the end but does it matter that much? Don’t you think that time spent with the True Love of our lives helps us conform to His image? It hasn’t been because you have beat me into submission that I have learned to enjoy the same things you enjoy or be indignant over the same things. It is because I stay close to you, I watch you, I listen to you, I feel your heart. And that, I believe, is what God wants from us. To be still and know Him.
    Anyway…why do YOU like bassoons?

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