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Bloged in music by rod Thursday August 26, 2004

So I decided to set my blog to music. I don’t know if that makes my blog a song, or if I’ve just forged into new territory as a blog scorer. You never know, soon maybe everyone’s blogs will have a score, or a melody by which to sing them. Don’t forget, the movies had music before they had words. It only stands to reason that blogs will eventually have music. I’m probably not the first, but you have to admit, most blogs out there are pretty quiet., save the occasional cheesy midi file that plays “muskrat love” while you read. This one is different though, it is designed to go with the blog. So there it is, if you’re interested. Be forewarned, it’s nigh upon 4 mb, so if you dial up, you may want to do it while you sleep. Don’t feel pressure to listen, but if you don’t, you’ll just be getting half the blog.
Now I just have to memorize the words.

download blog music

5 Responses to “blogmusic”

  1. cmar Says:

    this here music feels like star gazin’ music, or music with which ponderin’ on a deck, be it wooden or cyber, is a relaxed but melodically guided experience. your blog, rod, has now gone epic.

  2. sp Says:

    Thanks Rod, I needed that this
    morning. /sp

  3. Greg Says:

    Very nice Rod. Of course I want to know if this is all you or not. I was expecting strictly a great guitar piece. E-mail me sometime and let me know where all the music has taken you. I’ve wanted to talk to you for some time about recording equipment.

    Tell the fam hi.

  4. dphil Says:

    I like the music a lot. It’s great stuff. I have questions similar to Greg’s. I think you’re right about the future of blogs. It’ll never be the same again without music. Go Rod!

  5. AL Says:

    You, my educated, learned friend are wonderful! I love the music and am awfully proud of you.

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