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5 anapestic lines

Bloged in poems by rod Friday August 27, 2004

The new navbars at the top of the blog pages are a welcome replacement to the old banner ads (however amusing they may have been). There is that “next blog” button that is really just a random hit on recently updated blogs. By clicking this button, I ran upon someone’s blog as he was complaining about the way that button worked. He said that there was a lot of trash out there to accidently happen upon by clicking. Of course, I happened upon his in the same manner. I’ve clicked it a lot. Perhaps 50% of the blogs I’ve found were in Spanish. Another 30% were newly created and had no content whatsoever. 20% were in English and half of those were from Singapore. I’ve only found a couple blogs from Singapore that didn’t warrant a read. Most are purposeful, clear and grammatically correct.
One such blog is scribbles. This blogger, MOW! plays with words like inkslinger to the nth degree. Mostly English words, but German and French aren’t exempt. I read his lists of words, definitions, of synonyms and free association of meanings and then came upon his definition of a Limerick. I couldn’t resist. I wrote for him a limerick and apparently beat his wife to the punch, as she was determined to do the same.
So here is my limerick, but you should also visit their sites. Very enjoyable.

there once was a blogger named mow
who enjoyed a fun word then and now
who should care what they mean
if they look good on-screen
and for all who have seen, take a bow

One Response to “5 anapestic lines”

  1. Beth Says:


    I found your blog through the new Next Blog link at the top of the pages. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on your site. I really enjoyed it and I feel that I will be returning often. As you mentioned, the Next Blog link does bring me to many blogs in languages I unfortunately do not speak (and the occasional blog with strange cursors, excessive pop-ups, and way too many graphics), but then I find a gem like your site. Thank you.

    By the way, I enjoyed your descriptive writing about your front porch versus the deck. It is refreshing to see someone describe an experience and still be able to express the content of that experience.


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