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where has the lunar been?

Bloged in apprenticeship, luna see, metaphor by rod Monday August 30, 2004

So I’m sitting on the covered front porch in a rocking chair, and though I can’t see it from here, I’m enjoying the illumination of the moon, reflected off the clouds and making visible even nocturnal critters crossing the road. Wait a minute, why am I on the front porch? My deck is certainly “chair safe” by now. Could it be that in my resolution to move to the front porch during the deck’s unavailability I’ve gradually become satisfied with the lesser experience. You know for two weeks after the painting of the deck, I actually pulled a rocking chair out onto the sidewalk or driveway to get out from under the cover and see the stars. Here I am out front, blinded by streetlights and content under the roof. Gradually, I’ve drawn myself further from the real thing and with each step, remembered less of what I’m missing.
Then like a gentle tap of the breeze on the shoulder, my attention is turned to what I used to have on the back deck. I don’t have to be asked twice. I go back through the house, open the back door and step back into the real thing. Open sky, stars all around, moon through trees, swift, wispy, backlit clouds, frogs singing out-of-tune, “O they tell me of a home far beyond the skies, O they tell me of a home far away.”
How could I have become content with the lonely front porch and forgotten the embrace of the deck, the view of the unfathomable expanse that exposes my miniscule self? What am I that you care for me?
Back here under the moon there is a completely different kind of loneliness, a contented longing made bearable by promises, faith, trust, and surrender.
Above, the round, silver disk, a symbol of distant intimacy, calls out and encourages the reclamation of the real thing. Can you see the moon? Are you looking for it? Come see it with me. Let’s watch it together. Stand beside me. Hold my hand.

4 Responses to “where has the lunar been?”

  1. dphil Says:

    okay, I’ll come over. But we don’t have to hold hands

  2. thepunkofpoetry Says:

    Actually, I was thinking about blogging about the very same moon tonight! Beat me to it. What caught my attention about the moon tonight is how it shines brighter than my street lights.

  3. thepunkofpoetry Says:

    Thanks for sending me the link! I meant to leave a comment there and a comment here, but I accidently left both comments there!

  4. ata Says:

    You Big Flirt

    The stars confess what most will never see
    You flirt with the moon constantly
    Your secrets are safe with her as she
    lets you defy gravity

    She touches your shore
    and offers you more
    You, waiting to see what’s in store
    Toward her you continue to soar

    You lock your eyes onto her form
    Fully content to gaze until morn’
    Knowing that ultimately you will be torn
    away from that which has been born

    Swooning in the shadow she casts
    Her silvery substance so creamy and vast
    She takes another pass
    and draws you in, at last

    So this the sign, her smile you stole
    As she reflects your heart and soul
    back down to earth, you play the role
    For those who see they are made whole.

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