perchance to dream

Bloged in community, friends, poems by rod Thursday July 22, 2004

Who has emptied you Rose?
What foul wind has evaporated your hope?
What din drowns the song sung over
and over and over and over you?

Was there not once a glimmer?
I can see it behind your eyes, read it
between the lines –
the faint flicker, far and forgotten.

To whom was your prayer directed?
To whom did you lift your hands?
On whose shoulder did you lay your head back down
and pray to be only His?

Bare your soul, He knows who you are
Like me, He hurts for you tonight
and wants you to feel more than music.
He longs to fill you Rose.

3 Responses to “perchance to dream”

  1. dp Says:

    This seems to me to the lament of a soul in great turmoil my friend, but a turmoil sprinkled with a hope that the One True Love will bring restoration. Sometimes, the lament of one soul for another is painful and lonely, but we know that it’s pain can be satisfied by the hope of future reward.

    Shine on you crazy diamond…
    wish you were here.

  2. ata Says:

    The ember is alive; those who look can see. It might take another to polish away the grime, sing a new song, hold up those trembling hands for her and gently lay her head in His open embrace for the eyes to sparkle once again.

  3. gwill Says:

    keep taking your friend to Jesus. your faith matters, rod.

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