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Bloged in seasons by rod Friday December 31, 2004

It has just come to my attention that, effective as of midnight tonight, the number, 5 will replace the number, 4 at the end of all my blog headings. I vaguely remember a similar mandate about a year ago, and squeak as I did, I never got the grease. I was perfectly happy with a 3 at the end of the headings, and though I was less than willing to have it changed to 4, I eventually accepted what I could not change, and have grown accustomed to it. Now that I have essentially quit thinking about it altogether, boom, they go and change it again.
I can also remember several times in grade school when I was force to change the number that I habitually wrote at the top of all my assignments. I would try to sneak by with the old number for a few months, but the teacher would always scratch it out and change it to the new number, and add some kind of scolding remark.
It seems we can’t leave well enough alone. And you can bet that I’m going to be looking at other folks’ blogs to find out if they too are getting kicked around like this, or if it is just me.
If it’s just me, well, I’m switching blog hosts. At any rate, please enjoy the 4 at the top of this post, because it’s the last one you’re going to see for a while.

time piece

Bloged in family, love and marriage by rod Thursday December 30, 2004

went to the mall today. That’s the second time in less than a week. Before that, I have no idea when was the last time I was in a mall. Ok, come to think of it, I think I told you about it. Anyway, today I went to look for a new watch.
My last watch was a wrangler watch from Wal-mart. I paid 14 dollars for it a couple years ago and it finally bit the dust a few months ago. Other than that, I’ve got a few Popeye watches that don’t always seem to say what I want to say with my timepiece. They basically say, “I yam what I yam.” But I need a watch that says that’s not all that I yam. So with some gig money from Christmas time, I set about finding a one-watch-goes-everywhere watch. One of those manly/metro/I-won’t-wear-just-any-ole-walmart-sundial watches. So Al and Will and Molly and I started browsing mall stores looking for such an item. When we finally made it to Watch World, the salesman said, “hey were you guys just down at the Sunglass Hut?” “Yeah,” I said, “just a few minutes ago.” So he reached behind the counter and pulled out a watch and said, “here’s the watch you asked me to pull.” “Oh, that wasn’t us,” I said. But I bought it anyway. It’s a sleek, black, Skagen. Definitely the coolest watch I’ve ever owned, thanks to Christmas gigs. No doubt, the first watch I’ve ever owned with a lifetime warranty. And all for less than you’d pay for a fine guitarist at your Christmas special event.
So with watch on wrist, and more style than I know what to do with, I slipped by the hairdo place to get a haircut while Al and the wee ones grabbed some grub at the food court. Al thought I was so awesome with my new watch and haircut that she couldn’t leave me alone, so we rented Bourne Supremacy, built a fire, sent the kids to bed, popped some corn and watched television together. We even held hands.


Bloged in apprenticeship, poems, worship by rod Wednesday December 29, 2004

we talk of love and forgiveness
words of remorse and regret
of sin and contrition and redemption
theory, all of it
until you enter the room
for there is no brokenness unless you break us
there is no contrition unless you convict
there is no forgiveness unless you forgive
and there are no words to describe the breaking you inflict
no words well up from crushed and crumbled cords
only groans for mercy, grace and peace.

31 dollars

Bloged in random by rod Monday December 27, 2004

Yesterday, Allison and I gave each other same symbolic, meaningful gift which came to 31 dollars each.
Today I had to completely replace the brakes on her truck. The inside brake pads had disentegrated and totally scored the rotor discs, so they too, had to be replaced. On a 4×4 Explorer, one cannot just pull the rotor off without removing lots of fun 4 wheel drive stuff, and the fun four-wheel-drive stuff cannot be removed without a special, monster-sized socket that no one sells. So I spent the largest part of the day looking for said socket.
Right now, I am waiting for the bearings to dry so that I can repack them, so I thought I’d let you know the price list for my brake job today:

brake pads: 31 dollars
(driver side) rotor: 31 dollars
(passenger side) rotor: 31 dollars
special monster size hex lock nut socket: 31 dollars

I was going to charge myself $250 dollars for this job, but seeing the precedent that has been set, I am going to be rudely underpaid.
Maybe this is a good time to check out air fares.


Bloged in life, poems, worship by rod Sunday December 26, 2004

A sliver of hope in the darkness
Beautiful gleam but inadequate light
But if the shutter is left open,
the full round disc of promise is visible in the twilight,
the breaking of dawn.


Bloged in advent, life, worship by rod Friday December 24, 2004

the eve of incarnation brings
hopeful smiling winter blue.
we wait beneath the tangles
for the word that will make all things new.

one shade the more

Bloged in love and marriage by rod Friday December 17, 2004

she walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; and all that’s best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes… (byron)


Bloged in advent, luna see, worship by rod Thursday December 16, 2004

There are a couple days each month when the baby moon sets early enough to brave the cold December night to stand at the dam and watch her dip into Lake Murray. Al and I watched last night as she turned yellow then red as she disappeared into the lake. We even got to see 5 of this year’s last Geminid meteors. So sorry to bore you with more moon pics, but she’ s important to me.
The baby moon is born after a few nights of quiet darkness. She arrives early in the morning as a tiny sliver and begins to grow until she casts undeniable reflected light in the darkness.
Here she is as a waxing crescent over the lake last night. I’d say in people years that’s probably about 12 years old. She looks like she’s up there amazing people with wisdom beyond her years.

As I witness this, I’m amazed that there are only a few people to see it. Cars go by, but out there over the lake, quiet as the night, the lonely moon swells as it takes a deep breath before submerging.


Bloged in life, metaphor, poems by rod Tuesday December 14, 2004

what if they really were stars?
blazing across the sky
streaming tails
at this rate they’d all be gone by morning.
God, don’t let the stars fall.

thunder in the desert

Bloged in advent, apprenticeship, poems by rod Friday December 10, 2004

The morning rain can wash away the shadows like
the dawn washes away the dark
falling heavy, constant, sure; and
I respond like a child forced to bathe against his will

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