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perseid party

Bloged in community, friends, luna see by rod Wednesday August 11, 2004

The deck was re-commissioned last night in honor of the Perseids shower. We still can’t put any furniture up there, but it can be occupied. The kids and I had planned to spend the night out, somewhere, to view the meteor shower. This is becoming a tradition that started in the bed of Max, my old Mitsubishi pick-up and last year took us up to Cherokee, NC to lay in the middle of a field by a fire and stare up at the sky. It is a good way to say goodbye to summer just before school starts back up. I scouted dark, open areas yesterday, but we ended up staying home because of the overcast sky.
We spread the sleeping bags on the deck, built a fire in the back yard, got some crackers, Hershey’s, shmallows, and reeses and sat down there by the fire. D and E came over at about 10:30 when her birthday was winding down. The sky cleared slowly all night long until at about 4:30 it was crystal, but there were very few meteors. A few really nice ones though.
At about 4:45, Jack went up to the deck to lie down and D and E left after hours of silence and conversation. Will had gone to his own bed at about1:00 because he’d seen a roach on the deck. Molly fell asleep reading at about midnight, but woke up at 3:15 and came back down into the yard. She zonked back out at about 4:30 too. By 5:00 I was the only one left and I lay on my back and saw a few more long streaks of cosmic artillery and watched the sky lighten and the moon rise.
Just after the moon, was Venus, just before the sun. Venus was brilliant. The morning star. I don’t know why, but because it had faded and eventually disappeared from the evening, I didn’t expect it to be bright in the morning either. There it was in all its glory, overcoming the leaves that tried to hide it. Maybe I need to switch to morning rides and head east until the evening is once again graced with her beauty.
I fell asleep between Jack and Molly soon after the sun came up, pondering that God is not out there watching me, nor is He in my heart, but omnipresence means just that, as scary and mystical and other-religionly as it might sound. In every thing - matter, substance, non-matter, space - in every cell, molecule, atom, electron and quark. He was before all things and by Him, all things are held together. He is the atomic glue that keeps the electrons from flying off, the gravity that overcomes inertia that might send us off into space and the inertia that keeps us from falling into the sun. He is in everything everywhere. Here and there and He focuses himself in specifics rather than appearing there. His glory falls because He chooses to manifest His power in a specific way in a specific place.
He is the glue that holds my stuff together. Despite my quarky personality.

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