By the banks of the Lower Saluda

Bloged in apprenticeship, poems by rod Monday October 13, 2003

The water is cold off the bottom of the dam. It is like an air conditioner sending cool air up the banks. What a difference from 3 miles up stream, crossing the dam, the temperature is at least ten degrees warmer from the top water holding the day’s warmth.
Now its just the perfect destination for a night ride.
Hope Ferry Landing. The name indicating what has been lost can be regained with a little quiet time with Him who stands at the gap between the low spots and the high waiting to carry us across.
There are two owls just behind me in the trees. Who? Who? Who? I know Who. Its so good to be asked, to be reminded.
I am so tired. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Who? Who? Who?
Then I notice them; tiny specks of light all through the woods, flickering, growing brighter, dimming. Almost elusive, but finally found. Little, flat, rigid glow worms. Everywhere glowworms.
Who? Who? Who? The light in the darkness.
It is good to be reminded.

©2003 rod lewis

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