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Bloged in luna see, music, seasons by rod Thursday May 31, 2007

it is 1:34am on the last day of May. The moon is nearly full for the second time this month. Someone gave the downbeat. There is a chorus of bird songs completely surrounding the house. This is no lone, confused, ambien-deprived, avian insomniac. No no. This is the Sequence from Verdi’s Requiem.
It’s been going on for 30 minutes, and the Lachrymosa hasn’t played yet.

Sing on, little birdies. Sing on into the dawn. Sing May out with a vernal melody.
Sing for the Cardinal, who’s cuddling his mate. Sing for the Chicadee dee dee, who dozes, and for his partner, the Titmouse, whose flutters refrain. Laugh for the Ladderback, resting his head.
Sing me to sleep on this last night of May.
Under the blue moon, sing.


Bloged in education, seasons, traveling by rod Monday May 7, 2007

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.


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the edge of the shire

Bloged in seasons, time, traveling by rod Saturday May 5, 2007

Godspeed to my graduating seniors. My prayers go with you.

“The wide world is all about you; you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.”

the edge of the shire

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Bloged in luna see, seasons by rod Thursday April 19, 2007

Silver moonbeam glows.
What it lights in darkest night,
Wisteria knows.

lunar mysteria

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new moon shine

Bloged in easter, luna see, metaphor, seasons, time by rod Sunday April 15, 2007

The Paschal moon waned to darkness tonight to make way for the new flower moon. This is momentous for calendrical beings such as myself. I have been suspended in holy week a week longer and my blog has stood empty like the void of the tomb I’ve been contemplating since last Sunday morning. I behaved in much the same way last year until the last morning I saw the crescent rising before it went dark and the lunar symbol of life after death set late in the evening a day later as a waxing promise of growth and life.
I know, I’m so predictable. Not a soul at church seemed surprised on Palm Sunday morning when I waxed on from the platform about Palm Sunday falling on April Fool’s day.
Last month I rambled about the new Paschal moon on the first day of Spring. It grew with the flowers, bloomed full in holy week and waned as life went on, reborn.
Things like that have meaning to me. I immerse myself in the times of the year, the church calendar. I ramble on about time and my fear of it, my inability to understand it.
I read in Genesis that God put the moon and stars in the sky to mark seasons and days and years. So here I am staring up from the deck deep in the night. Wondering at it all. It’s time to turn in.

Good night deck, good night chair.
Good night Yahweh, everywhere.
Goodnight Paschal moon.

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green and purple pervade

Bloged in seasons by rod Saturday March 24, 2007

The Wisteria bloomed today. Allison texted me from downtown this morning. “Wisteria!”, she said. When she got home, she said she’d seen a tiny bit along Irmo drive. So Molly and I donned our helmets and took a ride this afternoon in anticipation of my first sighting of ’07. She was right, there was only a little along Irmo drive, but once we turned toward and crossed the dam, it was everywhere. It was dripping from the top of tall pine trees, over fences, speckled among the dogwoods and propped up in people’s lawns.
'07's firstAllison and I planted some in the backyard early last summer. It is getting some leaves, but I guess it’s too young to perform for me this year.
The pine pollen is dusting everything green. It had just gotten started last week and the rain kept it controlled for a few days. But we’ve had no rain all week. Everything is green. My driveway is green, the front steps are green, my whiskers are green, my red truck is green. I washed it last night and this morning it was already green again. I had my bike out for an hour today and it was already covered. I cleaned the windshield before I went to Jack’s track meet, but on the way home, I had to stop and wash it again to avoid staring through a hazy green filter.
My sinuses are clogged, my lungs are tight, my throat is sore, my eyes are swollen, and my legs ache. It’s worth it though. One day on a bike riding through the colors of spring is worth a week of swollen membranes, post-nasal drip, sore throat and achy muscles. No doubt. If I had a week off, I’d follow it north.

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blog primavera

Bloged in seasons by rod Tuesday March 20, 2007

If you’re a winter-type person, I’ve got bad news for you. Your hours are numbered. You should spend today outside saying goodbye to old man freezy-breath, although ‘round these parts, today is not very wintry. It’s a poor effort as a last hurrah.
So tonight, shortly after dark, Spring will sneak in under the new moon and a vernacious miracle will take place. Spring and the Flower moon will be born and grow together.
Of course, ‘round these parts, most of equinoxical stealth has been rendered ineffective due to the color guard that has marched in ahead, blowing trumpet fanfares with daffodils, twirling forsythia, ringing summer snowflakes, and waving magnolia blossoms. Had Vern wanted to come in quietly he should have had the color guard bring up the rear.
At any rate, this evening it becomes official. Vern will be crowned emperor of the Northern Hemisphere, and his brother, Autumnus Sumer Leavus will be crowned in the South, each for a 3 month term.
My allegiance is with Vern for the moment.

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not a spring blog

Bloged in seasons by rod Wednesday March 14, 2007

This afternoon, there was a flurry of avian activity in the backyard. I’d finally seen Allison’s Brown Headed Nuthatch earlier in the day. It had been chased away from the suet by a quite grown up Downy Woodpecker.
When Allison came home, she mentioned a woodpecker at the feeder, and I said he’d scared her Nuthatch away. Allison said they must have become friends because he was sitting on a limb waiting his turn. I came to look, and saw that the entire backyard was alive. There was the Nuthatch, the Woodpecker, a Tufted Titmouse, two Chickadees (they always come in pairs), a rogue Mocking bird, one of my Carolina Wrens all grown up, 2 Cardinals (husband and wife), 2 Bluejays (probably brothers), a bunch of Robins drilling for worms, and 3 Northern Flickers pecking for ants.

Tonight, the frogs are singing very loudly.

Just sayin’…

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Bloged in easter, seasons, time by rod Sunday March 11, 2007

Spring is walking through the door. Officially, it’s still another 8 days away, but it is at least in a holding pattern. Just when the bare trees, brown grass and chill winds of another gray morning seem to have overstayed their welcome, a miracle happens. Like baby teeth pushed away, all the oak leaves that have been dangling dead since November drop to the ground to make way for the light green baby leaves that are budding. It seems that overnight, color seeps from everywhere.
Today was a beautiful, warm, Springy day. Molly and I grabbed the camera just before sunset and took a color walk. We snapped 156 pictures between our house and the end of our road (about 200 yards). We returned home because the memory card was full.
You probably needn’t worry about spring taking over my blog this year as in years past, but I’m making no promises. There are scores of unfinished, half-thought blogs littering my computer desktop. It would seem that I’m incapable of finishing thoughts these days and so my blog sits unchanged for days. For the next few weeks though, the lawns and woods won’t sit unchanged for even a minute as the Dogwoods finish opening and the azaleas burst, and the wisteria begins to drip from the trees and over fences.

A sampling of Molly’s and my walk is available for your enjoyment.

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wintry day

Bloged in life, love and marriage, seasons by rod Thursday January 18, 2007

Two days ago, I came across a few photos that I’d not seen for some time, and continued my streak of uploading too many photos to flickr. The last one I put there was a shot of Farming Creek Road taken on my way to work on a frosty, frozen, beautiful Monday morning almost exactly two years ago. I thought it was fun to post that pic, because it was so unseasonably warm at the moment. Temps in the 80s all weekend with nightly lows that allowed for deck sitting without a jacket.


Lo and behold Old Man Winter. His icy breath swept us and brought frozen tears from the reluctant sky. All manner of operations were on a two-hour delay this morning, including all schools in the area. Go ahead and laugh, Yankees - down here we’re unprepared.
Molly slept with her pajamas inside-out and a spoon under her pillow in hopes that would bring on a weather induced school closing. I don’t know if it was that or my picture that changed the climate so quickly.
This morning, as I drove into work late, I drove across Farming Creek to view a scene almost identical to that old pic. Silvery wisps weighing down the pine boughs, icy sparkles glinting in the fields. And of course a bare, misty tree filled with balls of mistletoe.
Seems like a great night for firewood, popcorn, sweatshirts, and mistletoe induced companionship.

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