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I Can See You

Bloged in poems by rod Wednesday October 28, 2009

I can see you.

More deeply than you might wish to be seen.

Darkened depths from where loneliness rises,
lighted halls you’ve forgotten exist -
both brought to light through flowered irises,
memories, and desires you fight to resist.

iris windows to soulful depths
widen in the darkness to gather the light.

I can see you.

for the future

Bloged in poems by rod Friday October 23, 2009

There are quiet, chilly nights

when no one has words to quiet the soul –

least of all, one’s self.

But there are words from the past –

past thoughts thought on wordless nights –

thoughts that moved through the future and



Yesterday’s words comfort tonight,

And so for the future,

I write…

sight smell and sound

Bloged in poems, random, traveling by rod Thursday May 3, 2007

full flower moon

I rode hard under the May Day moon,
I banked steep
I leaned low
I rode and rode and rode.
The nocturnal damp was imbued with the
scent of moonlight and honeysuckle.
The orange full flower moon
lit the fields and glanced off the tree leaves.
The forest canopy, a rural skyline.
Straight, open pipes ripping the pristine silence of the night
with 1100 cubic centimeters of music.
Quickly past, peace is left
in my aural wake in the moonlight

night ride

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Bloged in advent, apprenticeship, poems, prayers, seasons, worship by rod Sunday December 24, 2006

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.
-Isaiah 7:14

O EMMANUEL, God with us, our King and Judge, the One the people await, and their Savior: come to save us, O Lord our God.

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sonnet xi

Bloged in family, life, parenting, poems by rod Monday November 6, 2006

An autumn babe is born as southern leaves
splash color in the groves of evergreen.
A neo-natal palette we receive,
with eyes a hue no leaf has ever been.
A moment savored, pondered as you grew,
how once I rocked you ‘neath the waxing moon.
From infant lips, a song I never knew,
you sang to me your perfect silent tune.
And deep inside your heart your silent song
came bursting forth when first it had the chance.
I sang it too, and it would not be long
till you had shown my full heart how to dance.
November princess, waste no time for fun,
Time dances past us, now you’re tendy one.

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mighty rushing gentle breeze

Bloged in apprenticeship, poems, worship by rod Sunday September 24, 2006

From focused attention
Dimmed lights and spots
Practiced moments
Climate controlled

Into the bright light of morning,
and the appearance-wrecking wilds of the outdoors.
My shirt-tail flaps, my skin breathes, and my hair gets knotted.
Blow where you will,
I’ll follow.

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the 14th night of the purple moon

Bloged in love and marriage, poems by rod Tuesday August 8, 2006


On this night in July, the 14th night of the moon,
the island glowed like the river bottom last September
when the misty air tinted blue, and she
illuminated many dark years.

A sharper light, this –no shadows cast
luminescent objects shone themselves.
“Remember me”, they seemed to say
and glowed themselves onto our hearts.

From within, you outshone the lesser light.
She reflected you on the water.
Salty air, warm sand, cool surf, soft skin
Time stopped as the waves washed our spirits.

Walking back up the bluff in the purple moonlight
your white skirt flowed like a sail in the trade winds,
drawing us on toward the dawn-
fingers and hearts intertwined.

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Bloged in life, music, parenting, poems by rod Tuesday June 20, 2006

-to molly, who got her first pair of real pointe shoes tonight


when you hear music, dance.
When you don’t hear music, dance.
the music will start.

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Bloged in poems by rod Sunday April 30, 2006

A thousand thoughts,
A thousand words,
yet pen repelled by paper.

Agnus Dei

Bloged in apprenticeship, easter, poems, prayers, worship by rod Monday April 24, 2006


the paschal moon is all but gone;
a waning crescent fading into the passing season
as are the fasts and sacrifices undertaken
to remember for a time.

the Paschal Lamb,
Bright Morning Star shines on
as new mercies are bestowed in the misty dawn
day after day after day after day…

Yeshua, Paschal Lamb,
slain from the foundation of the world,
may we remember in this season and in the next
and live thankful lives of service in the
freedom you’ve won for us.

As the flower moon waxes
may we be found blossoming into
what you are making us.

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