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Bloged in luna see, music, seasons by rod Thursday May 31, 2007

it is 1:34am on the last day of May. The moon is nearly full for the second time this month. Someone gave the downbeat. There is a chorus of bird songs completely surrounding the house. This is no lone, confused, ambien-deprived, avian insomniac. No no. This is the Sequence from Verdi’s Requiem.
It’s been going on for 30 minutes, and the Lachrymosa hasn’t played yet.

Sing on, little birdies. Sing on into the dawn. Sing May out with a vernal melody.
Sing for the Cardinal, who’s cuddling his mate. Sing for the Chicadee dee dee, who dozes, and for his partner, the Titmouse, whose flutters refrain. Laugh for the Ladderback, resting his head.
Sing me to sleep on this last night of May.
Under the blue moon, sing.


Bloged in luna see, seasons by rod Thursday April 19, 2007

Silver moonbeam glows.
What it lights in darkest night,
Wisteria knows.

lunar mysteria

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new moon shine

Bloged in easter, luna see, metaphor, seasons, time by rod Sunday April 15, 2007

The Paschal moon waned to darkness tonight to make way for the new flower moon. This is momentous for calendrical beings such as myself. I have been suspended in holy week a week longer and my blog has stood empty like the void of the tomb I’ve been contemplating since last Sunday morning. I behaved in much the same way last year until the last morning I saw the crescent rising before it went dark and the lunar symbol of life after death set late in the evening a day later as a waxing promise of growth and life.
I know, I’m so predictable. Not a soul at church seemed surprised on Palm Sunday morning when I waxed on from the platform about Palm Sunday falling on April Fool’s day.
Last month I rambled about the new Paschal moon on the first day of Spring. It grew with the flowers, bloomed full in holy week and waned as life went on, reborn.
Things like that have meaning to me. I immerse myself in the times of the year, the church calendar. I ramble on about time and my fear of it, my inability to understand it.
I read in Genesis that God put the moon and stars in the sky to mark seasons and days and years. So here I am staring up from the deck deep in the night. Wondering at it all. It’s time to turn in.

Good night deck, good night chair.
Good night Yahweh, everywhere.
Goodnight Paschal moon.

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the most beautiful thing

Bloged in community, friends, luna see, metaphor by rod Thursday March 8, 2007

Last night when I started home from the gym, the moon was just rising. It occurred to me at first glance that the moon is the most beautiful thing. I had to ponder for the rest of the evening whether it was actually a beauty that it contained in itself. After all, it’s just a big round rock in space. It gives off no light of its own, it has no colorful atmosphere, and its complexion is quite pockmarked and scarred. To call it “crater-face” would be no cruel exaggeration.

So how is it that a round, gray rock is the most beautiful thing?
moon of winds
The whole “most beautiful thing” thought occurred to me because at that moment of first sighting, it was the only thing I could see, save the roof of the Piggly Wiggly that was serving as a flat, tar-covered horizon out of which the moon was emerging. So it’s just the moon, no terrestrial accessories to spice of the beauty. No, come to think of it there is a diffuse mist causing a soft, out-of-focus glow around the moon that even spills onto the tar horizon of the PW.
When I drove down our own street, it had risen above the mist, and shone clear and brightly and unobstructed. Still beautiful, alone in the sky. But wait, by herself, I’d not see her at all. There’s that sunlight splashing off her face at such an angle as to shadow her top, right corner, and cast shades of designs across her scarred face.
When I reached home, she was shining through the trees in the back yard and was more beautiful than before. I realized that she truly is dependent for her beauty. Her beauty is found in her interaction with an infinite array of other beautiful things.
It’s a give and take relationship. She causes the tree limbs to shimmer light and cast streams of shadow on the ground. The tree limbs playfully obstruct her visage and create a flirty glance as she peers down. She perches atop a mountain peak, spills reflected sunlight on a lake that illuminates the undersides of trees on the bank, peers between two buildings, shines upon the soft face of beautiful girl illuminating a cheekbone, and shadowing a slender neck.
Perhaps she’s the most beautiful thing because she’s the common denominator among so many beautiful things. Back home in the mountains, by the river, a Caribbean beach, in the Grand Canyon, the Arizona desert, my backyard – she’s the common beauty. Stealing beauty, adding beauty, interacting with beauty. Reflecting the light of another, and spreading it all around.

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Bloged in luna see, metaphor, seasons by rod Monday October 9, 2006

Here she is kiddos. Full Harvest Moon 2006. The weather held out until she was full and then promptly clouded over and began raining.
She’s still up there though, above the clouds, shining on.


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Bloged in luna see, metaphor by rod Monday September 25, 2006


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bona-fide biker

Bloged in family, luna see, random by rod Saturday September 9, 2006

I’ve been trying to post about Al’s motorbike riding for over a month now. Until the first week of August, she was only riding up and down the street in front of the house and occasionally, I’d ride with her around a 2 mile loop that begins and ends in our neighborhood. At the beginning of August, we trailered both bikes to Pennsylvania by her request so that she could ride in the country without having to go through traffic to get there.
On her first real ride, we headed south through the corn fields over the magic hill-hopping roads of South-central PA. In no time (half-mile) we were outside civilization and having a blast. We didn’t pass many cars but did meet the occasional horse and buggy. We rode 53 miles on her first real ride, and she was hooked. We rode again the next day and the next.
When we got home she wanted to ride to work, so I rode with her the long way to stay off the interstate, but I couldn’t come get her the next morning, so she rode from work to church by herself. Since then, I’m almost certain she has not driven the cage to work. She is a bona-fide biker. That is, as of last night. She took her first legitimate night ride. As you long-time cyberdeck readers know, I’m an avid night ride rider. When I head out under the night sky, I often lose the strength to turn the bike around. It will be ever so much harder with Allison riding with me.
Last night we rode off at about 9:20, just as the just-past-full moon was rising above the treetops. She even survived the interstate for 20 miles, but I asked her not to do it yet without me. So after only 500 miles to her credit, she is on I-state, averaging 94 miles to the gallon (no that was NOT a typo – 94 miles to the gallon), and showing up at work happy to be there. I can relate to this feeling. Yes. 94 miles to the gallon. That means she can leisurely ride around for an hour of fun for about 75 cents. She can ride to work and back 3 times on a gallon of gas. That’s 80 cents per round trip, as opposed to $3.76 in her truck.
Get yourself a motorcycle.

she’s my friend

Bloged in luna see, metaphor by rod Monday September 4, 2006


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nueva luna

Bloged in life, luna see by rod Tuesday July 25, 2006


I get very lonely during new moon

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tidal lock

Bloged in apprenticeship, luna see, metaphor by rod Monday January 16, 2006

Bluemama asked if these moons have the ability to change their ratios. The answer is yes and no. The moons seem not to have the ability to tidally lock themselves to their primary, because this tidal lock is affected by the primary upon the moon – the greater to the smaller – although the moon does tend to affect the planet. The moons themselves though tend to affect the orbits of one another and arrive at the ratio needed to keep stability.
Tidal lock is a phenomenon that occurs when a satellite orbits closely enough with its primary. The gravitational pull upon the satellite causes it to bulge slightly. The process of this bulging though is slow enough that it occurs just after the point being pulled upon has passed. The bulge itself gets a tug backward toward where it was affected, in the direction opposite its orbit, which tends to slow it down slightly. This delayed reaction bulge effect and the opposite pull on the bulge, and the slowing affect, over time tends to cause the tidal lock as the orbit and rotation synchronize.
So, with the metaphor in your mind, it is only through a close orbit, a constant tug, a slow response from the satellite, a persevering pull on the slow-reacting satellite, over a great amount of time, that the satellite is brought into tidal lock with the primary. Probably safe to say that it takes a lifetime.

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